Koroit 150th Celebrations

Let's Celebrate!

October 12th, 13th & 14th 2007
You can download the file 'Koroit 150th Program 2007' for full details of events.

Merchandise is still available.

Mugs: $7.50
Laminated Posters: $5.00
Posters: $3.00

Moyne Shire Youth Council booklet & DVD: $10.00

If you would like to make a purchase you can either email an enquiry form below or contact Barbara Price on 03 5565 8721.

Money orders or cheques to be made out to Koroit's 150th Anniversary Committee and sent to P.O. Box 118 Koroit. 3282

Please note - postage for a mug is $5.50 and postage for posters and books are $2.50.

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